Revanesse Versa


Revanesse Versa is an innovative dermal filler made from cross-linked hyaluronic acid designed to add volume to the face to smooth, plump, and contour. The most common use is to treat pronounced facial lines. More than 3 million syringes have been sold worldwide since 2012.

The Versa Difference

This is a minimally invasive treatment that provides immediate results.  Revanesse family of fillers are known for their quality and refinement, with high viscosity (thickness) which makes them versatile and long-lasting. Their advanced manufacturing process results in a spherical particle shape that allows this formula to be accepted more easily by the body for better results, less swelling, and allowing it to break down in the body more slowly making it last longer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does Versa last?

A:  Results last up to one year.

Q: Which is the better choice Revanesse Versa or Juvéderm for laugh lines?

They are quite comparable, but Versa tends to last longer as Juvéderm breaks down more quickly.

Q: What area do you treat with Revanesse Versa?

A: It can be used under the eyes, bridge of the nose, chin, jaw, and cheeks.

Q: How much does Versa typically cost?

A: It starts at $650 per syringe.