You may have seen the pictures of the creepy-cool selfie with the bloody face. PRP, often known as the “Vampire Facial,” is a popular cosmetic procedure that employs platelet-rich plasma (PRP) collected from your blood to improve skin tone and texture, smooth fine wrinkles, and promote collagen formation.

When you were younger, do you recall scraping your knee? A scab developed after the yellow fluid emerged. New, baby-pink skin had formed when the scab peeled off. Let us tell you: platelet-rich plasma, the yellow fluid, has an unrivaled ability to mend and regenerate growth.

In contrast to fillers and Botox, platelets-rich plasma (PRP) therapy encourages cell development, collagen synthesis, and skin re-vascularization, minimizing fine lines around the eyes, facial drooping, and other issues. By enhancing their gene expression, platelets-rich plasma therapy also promotes the synthesis of new elastin and collagen, which ultimately gives your facial skin a tighter appearance.

PRP Facial: not just a trend

The first step in this procedure is for the professionals to collect whole blood and separate the red cells. Only the platelet-rich plasma is left. Once that is done, the PRP facial can be done. Simply put, this facial uses your blood platelets and plasma to achieve the desired effects on your skin. The natural chemical in your platelets-rich plasma is injected into your skin using a tiny needle. This takes more than one session and exactly how many depends on your needs.

The moment the plasma touches your face, it begins to function. Your face is renewed, smoothed, and tightened by it. Your face’s wrinkles are treated throughout, and the PRP components only allow for this because they stimulate collagen growth.

Although many choose to have only one facial, repeated platelets-rich plasma treatments can produce benefits that persist for a very long time. For permanent outcomes, it is preferable to undergo PRP facials more frequently, roughly every 3-6 months.

Why is the PRP facial so well-liked? – Benefits You Should Not Ignore

Your facial skin will look better after these facials and become radiant and wrinkle-free. The patient need not be concerned about this medication triggering allergies, and this is because their body provides the plasma that is utilized. Nevertheless, there can be slight discomfort while the treatment is being performed.

In addition to increasing collagen synthesis, platelets-rich plasma therapy also helps to lessen scars of all kinds, including stretch marks, acne scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. Better skin tone and texture is the general outcome.

Our medical professionals complete the entire procedure quickly and painlessly using the Dermapen micro-needling instrument. To naturally manufacture collagen, the skin is pounded with tiny needles. Elastin and collagen are produced in greater quantities throughout the procedure thanks to the use of platelet-rich plasma.

Activate your body’s rejuvenation mechanisms

You can use PRP microneedling to activate your body’s innate healing and regeneration potential. Platelets-rich plasma contains healing components that have been removed from your body. In contrast, microneedling promotes your body’s synthesis of collagen, making your skin appear fuller and more elastic for a more youthful appearance. This is how it works.

In PRP treatments, we take a small amount of blood from you—no more than for a routine blood draw—and centrifuge it to concentrate your platelets. Your blood platelets carry growth factors that help to initiate tissue regeneration and healing.

We add platelets-rich plasma to the machine stimulating your skin when you come for microneedling with PRP treatment. The PRP reduces side effects from treatment, like redness and swelling. A more youthful-looking face appearance is produced by adding PRP to microneedling, accelerating and improving the regeneration of new, healthy skin tissues.

Skin problems PRP helps

PRP is used in various medical specializations for various reasons, not just aesthetics. It is used to restore damaged cartilage following an injury and during surgery to hasten to heal.

PRP facials are used for a variety of skin issues in aesthetics. For instance, if you experience any of the following skin issues, platelets-rich plasma may be a good option for you:

  • Wrinkles
  • Sharp edges
  • Loose Skin
  • Deep Facial Wrinkles
  • Dull Skin Tone
  • Acne Scarring

You could use platelets-rich plasma as an alternative to other, more invasive therapies. Your cells are used in this all-natural procedure to revitalize your skin from the inside out.

Facts And Myths

Myth: Platelets-rich plasma procedures hurt

Fact: Immediately following and during the procedure, slight pain and discomfort may occur.

Myth: PRP facials can be pricey procedures

Fact:The cost of a single face ranges from $1,200 to $1,900. However, depending on your needs, numerous treatments may cost more than $2000.

Myth: PRP facials are thought to be a form of surgery

Fact: The primary benefit of platelets-rich plasma treatments is that they are not surgical.

Myth: It might infect you.

Fact : Since PRP facials use your blood, there is almost no risk of infection.

Myth: PRP facials are far more effective and provide instant results than face-lift surgery.

Fact: Because PRP facials don’t require surgery, the cost of treatment is lower. The nicest thing about this technique is that it produces excellent outcomes without intrusion, significant incisions, or sutures.

PRP facials are a fantastic option for persons with skin that has been seriously damaged. Our professionals will make sure that you quickly receive the required results.

Lastly, be sure to pick the best PRP facials clinic to achieve the results you want. Therefore, be sure to do your homework and pick the best specialists, such as Beauty from Ashes Aesthetics.

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