Brow Tinting: We all lead busy lives.┬á For many of us, getting up in the morning and putting on a full face of makeup is the last thing we want to do. Without a few cosmetics, so many of us struggle to feel like ourselves. The resurgence in popularity of once-popular beauty care techniques can be attributed to today’s quest for cleaner, more natural cosmetics, and a nude makeup appearance. One of those techniques is hair tinting, particularly near the eyes. We often recall how attractive and put-together the strong women in history were when we think of them.

Another thing that stands out in history is natural beauty, and brow tinting is a terrific method to highlight someone’s attributes without using conventional cosmetics. Instead of hiding your true self under layers of makeup and eyebrow products, an eyebrow tint helps to frame the face and create a more natural you (mascara, eyeliner, brow pencils, etc.). With a little help from an eyebrow tint, you can surely emulate the rich, thick brows of the great women of the past.


One of the main reasons to start tinting your brows is that not all of us are gifted with full, thick eyebrows, which can typically be fixed by regular brow penciling. The full eyebrow look might be challenging to attain naturally, but with a little help, they’ll look more defined and balanced. The benefit of brow tinting is that no discomfort is involved (looking at you, microblading).

You won’t need a lengthy procedure to get the appearance you’ve always wanted, and it’s quick enough to work into your schedule frequently from the convenience of our Med Spa. Compared to pencil-thin brows, full eyebrows completely change how your face appears, and they look better on just about all women. In addition, brow tinting can be used in conjunction with other brow procedures and is the last step in achieving the flawless brows you’ve always desired.


Most of us want to sleep when we wake up and return to bed. The requirement to wear a full face of cosmetics is waning as more of us work from home than ever before. However, you still need to feel and look your best when you have a full day of nonstop Zoom calls scheduled. Tinting your brows might reduce your time filling them in every morning. Brow tinting is your finest choice if you struggle to shape the ideal brows or frequently end up with crooked eyebrows.

The little treatment time for brow tinting is well worth the extra time you gain, which allows you to spend a little longer in bed each morning. You can comfortably get your eyebrows colored at our Med Spa as frequently as you need to. You can wait up to 6 weeks before renewing your tint because our products are long-lasting. The frequency of your treatment may be impacted by how frequently you wash your face and the type of makeup you use. A thorough treatment that will completely change the look of your face could include tinting your brows and eyelashes. You’ll radiate from the inside out and feel equipped to take on any challenge.

 Major Advantages of Eyebrow tinting

  • It is the holy grail for blondes, whose brows are frequently brilliant, fuzzy, but sometimes almost invisible.
  • Even the tiniest hairs are highlighted by eyebrow dye, giving the brows an optically denser and more expressive appearance.
  • You don’t need to alter your eyebrows daily because the result is longer-lasting. You’ll get a lot of crucial early minutes back.
  • You will also value the long-lasting effect while on vacation, near the sea or pool, or while participating in sports. Most brow colors are waterproof and smudge-proof, and you won’t have to worry about smeared eyebrows again and will look amazing in any circumstance.


You may have done numerous other procedures for your face, but many of them demand a significant time or effort investment. The benefits of brow tinting are seen right away, especially if you work with best professionals from Beauty from Ashes Aesthetics brand on location. You’ll feel completely different within minutes of your session. Once your treatment is over, you won’t have to wait for it to take effect, and your eyebrows will look noticeably different regardless of how they did before you started. The easiest method to feel and look your best in front of everyone you encounter is to color your eyebrows before a major event or party.


Aftercare: Although tinted brows don’t need much upkeep, some procedures can be taken to lengthen the life of the colorant. You must keep your freshly colored brows dry for 12 to 24 hours to care for them. Avoid washing your brows with soap and wash your face with a washcloth or cleansing cloth. Faster hue fading is possible using oil-based cleansers, serums, exfoliants, and facial oils. Spending a lot of time at the beach or pool will shorten their lifespan and require more regular treatments because the sun and chlorine bleach all hair, including eyebrow hair.

We provide eyebrow tinting here at Beauty from Ashes Aesthetics. Please view the entire selection of our products and services right now to learn more about the advantages we provide customers. We are excited about the benefits of brow tinting and know how it may radically alter how you feel and seem. Everyone deserves to feel and appear their best naturally. To learn more or to ask any questions you may have regarding our product line, get in touch with us right away.

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