PRP Hair Restoration

Do you know that body hair is designed to keep you warm and protect your skin? Our body hair protects us from skin irritation caused by friction in the armpits and thighs. Most importantly, body hair is attractive, for instance, chest hairs, beards, mustaches, and a full head of hair.

Hair can help you look younger, and a fresh cut or style captures attention and attracts compliments. Then again, being bald is also considered attractive to many, but most people prefer to keep a full head of hair. Did you know that if you are naturally balding or have hair loss due to health conditions, heredity, or aging, you can get your hair restored and in even better health than before?

Hair loss problems are common, but most people hide them with wigs, caps, or hats. You could leave it that way and still be the beautiful you, or you could choose to improve that look to any style you desire with PRP hair restoration.

If you are interested in learning how to restore your hair growth or prevent hair loss, sit tight; you are about to learn about a quick procedure that grants you your wish.

What is PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), you need to know that when you get an injury, the platelet helps accelerate your healing process and stops the bleeding. PRP is used to treat damaged joints, muscles, and tissues. You are probably wondering how this is related to hair restoration. After extensive research, it was found that PRP can also be used for hair restoration to help hair grow.

PRP Hair Restoration is not like your hair cream; it is a procedure that involves an experienced specialist to ensure it is safe and correctly done.

The Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration Procedure

The Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration (PRP Hair Restoration) involves an experienced practitioner drawing a sample of your blood and placing the tube in a centrifuge. This machine spins at high speed to separate the contents of a solution by density. As a result, your blood sample will separate into its components (Platelet with low concentration at the top, platelet with high concentration at the middle, and red blood cells at the bottom).

The Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration involves collecting the Platelet-Rich Plasma in an injection which would be transferred to the scalp. You probably don’t like injections and have a fear of them. You are not alone; many people have this fear, which can easily be eliminated with a needleless injection.

The Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration involves two types of injections, the needle type and the needleless. With the needle type, a numbing agent will be applied to protect you from feeling any pain during the procedure, but for the needleless, you would barely feel anything.

The Platelet-Rich Plasma will be injected into the affected areas carefully and might also involve a soft massage to ensure even distribution. After the procedure, you might be required to wait a few minutes, but you are free to go. You can resume your normal daily activities as soon as you want.

No two people are the same, but you should expect visible hair growth within 1 to 2 months of treatment. You should also know that the results last a year or two, but you’ll need multiple treatments and maintenance depending on the desired results.

Book an appointment with Beauty from Ashes Aesthetics to get your Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration (PRP Hair Restoration). You will be made aware of the risks and benefits of the procedure and also how many treatments you need, and the right treatment plan that suits you.

Side effects of Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration

Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration has no health risks, but you might experience some side effects if not correctly administered. For this reason, you should book an appointment with experienced specialists to ensure the best care. Some side effects can include bleeding at the injection site,  slight dizziness, irritation, pain, and reddening skin. These side effects should clear up within a couple of weeks at best. Hair restoration is a safe procedure that has benefited many people, giving positive and long-lasting results.

How effective is the Hair restoration procedure?

PRP Hair Restoration is a very effective treatment. However, specific health and hereditary condition could impact hair growth, such as chronic diseases, hormonal imbalances, and ovarian cysts, which can cause hair loss. You may not be a good candidate until the underlying conditions are addressed.

On the bright side, Platelet-Rich Plasma comes directly from your blood, implying you do not stand the risk of allergies and are less likely to have infections or reactions. It is your natural remedy for hair growth because the platelet will enable hair growth.

Taking better care of your hair will further promote hair growth and hair strength. You should report any discomfort immediately to your practitioner. Eating healthy and drinking lots of water goes a long way in aiding hair growth, also protecting you against complications like nausea and dizziness.

Stress is also a leading cause of hair loss; taking time to unwind and relax benefits you both now and long term. In addition, gently brush wet hair, don’t pull your hair too tight, and avoid rubber bands that cause hair breakage.


Hair loss affects one’s mental and physical being, so give your hair the care it needs by having a PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Hair Restoration treatment. Enhance your hair length, thickness, and quantity with these quick three-step Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration procedures. Book an appointment with experienced professionals at Beauty from Ashes Aesthetics today for a beautiful new you after PRP Hair Restoration Treatment.