How Does the SkinPen Compare to the Benefits of Traditional Microneedling?

There are many types of microneedling techniques including an innovative technology called SkinPen Microneedling. So, how does the SkinPen compare to the benefits of traditional microneedling?

Microneedling has become increasingly popular over recent years for treating various skin conditions. It provides patients with rejuvenated skin and a brighter complexion that lasts for several months or longer. One of its most common uses is for the treatment of scars. In the United States alone, there are over 50 million people each year affected by acne. It is a confidence killer that leaves behind significant scarring.

Fortunately, health and beauty practitioners have been successful in eliminating acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and other skin conditions with the use of microneedling. At Beauty from Ashes Aesthetics, we help you understand the difference between traditional microneedling and the SkinPen and what will benefit your skin most.

Benefits of Microneedling

Microneedling uses technology that is specifically designed to stimulate collagen production. It allows the skin to naturally improve cell turnover thus creating a fresh appearance. The result is a more youthful and glowing complexion that appears brighter and with tighter skin.

After the recommended microneedling sessions, your skin will gradually improve its texture over the months following the procedure. It provides long-term results that corrects many conditions including sun damage and other conditions that make you look older.

Microneedling provides many benefits including:

  • Promotes Collagen Production: As the skin starts the healing process, collagen is produced to help regenerate the skin. Patients will have accelerated and optimum production of collagen regardless of their age.
  • Improves the Appearance of Scars: Whether you have scars from acne or other reasons, microneedling smooths out the texture of the skin and lightens the appearance of scars.
  • Improves Signs of Aging: Patients appear more youthful as fine lines and wrinkles are improved. Microneedling leaves you with plump skin that looks years younger.
  • Corrects Hyperpigmentation and Spots: The natural aging process as well as sun damage can create dark spots that make the skin look dull. You can regain a brighter complexion while the skin undergoes a natural transformation from collagen and other helpful healing factors.
  • A More Youthful Appearance: Even if you don’t have scars or wrinkles, microneedling immediately provides the skin with a boost of healing factors that makes any skin type appear younger and brighter.
  • Reduces Stretch Marks: As your skin naturally regenerates, the appearance of stretch marks is significantly improved.
  • Hair Follicle Production: The regenerative results of microneedling also stimulate hair growth. Hair follicles regenerate to help correct thinning hair and bald spots.

How is the SkinPen Different from Traditional Microneedling? 

The traditional microneedling technique involves derma rollers made up of hundreds of tiny needles applied to the targeted skin area. It produces microscopic punctures that stimulate the skin’s natural healing process. Although results are achieved, sanitary challenges sometimes create complications for patients as the rollers are reused.

On the other hand, the SkinPen microneedling technique provides a more sanitary and safer approach because it utilizes disposable needle cartridges used on only one patient. In addition, the procedure takes less time than the lengthier sessions with traditional dermal rollers.

Finally, another advantage of the SkinPen microneedling technique is deeper penetration into the dermal layer. This significantly increases collagen production compared to the traditional derma roller method. Experienced skin care practitioners and dermatologists have found that the SkinPen provides more results than the traditional microneedling method with the dermal roller.

In a nutshell, the SkinPen provides all the benefits of microneedling, but by utilizing a much safer tool that prevents infections, injuries, and other complications. As technology advances, the beauty industry will continue to see improvements in professional tools and methods.

SkinPen Gains FDA Approval

When considering which procedure to choose, you may want to make safety a priority. The SkinPen is the only FDA-approved technology for microneedling. It is by far a better option than the traditional method that uses a derma roller. With increased safety, a shorter procedure, faster recovery time, and better results, the SkinPen is preferred by many. 

As more technologies come to market, it is a relief to see a microneedling tool gain FDA approval. It is by far one of the best technologies on the market today. The SkinPen is rapidly revolutionizing aesthetic procedures to provide patients with the best technology for their skin.

Learn More About the SkinPen

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